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georgian typewriter

A Georgian typewriter. Can you find the numeral 3?


7 thoughts on “Language

    • I’m far from being an expert, but my guess is Arabic. Certainly it’s Arabic script. I see a lot of “al” (two vertical lines next to each other), which is the definite article in Arabic. I also see the word “Allah”, although I’ve read that that word is also used in Aramaic.

    • Hi David,

      I’ve looked at your page and I could tell for certain that it is Arabic. The first line of the left page (page sixty, written as something like 7.) reads ‘ismuka al quddus’, which means ‘Your Name is Holy’.

  1. Many thanks for your insights. The reason I was shying away from Arabic is that several lines begin (right to left, of course) with what looks like a backward English letter J, some with one dot underneath and some with two dots and I just can’t find this letter in any Arabic alphabet.

    • I’m guessing you were looking at a list of the isolated forms of the letters. The trouble with Arabic script is that letters are usually connected, and connected forms often look quite different from isolated forms.

      What you’re talking about is the first from the right on the sixth line from the bottom of the second page, right? I think you’re talking about “ia” or “ya”. If you type those into an online Arabic keyboard, you’ll find that it makes يا, whereas the isolated forms would be ي ا.

      I don’t speak Arabic, but according to Wiktionary يا “ya” is a “vocative particle, preceding a noun used in direct address; sometimes translated as O or hey”. This makes sense, since the next word on that line is “Allah”, the ligature for which is الله (though not with the diacritic markings here).

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