Are Mingrelians Georgians?

The Mingrelians (Mingrelian: Margalepi; Georgian: Megrelebi) are a Kartvelian people who live in northwest Georgia, in the region of Mingrelia (Mingrelian: Samargalo; Georgian: Samegrelo).


Sounds innocuous, right? It’s not. The claim that Mingrelians constitute a “people” would be considered seditious by many Georgians, since it suggests that Mingrelians are not, in fact, Georgians. This, in turn, might lead one to suppose that Mingrelians ought to have their own independent state. That would be a big problem for Georgians, so they claim Mingrelians as their own.

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Another Theory on the Origin of the Georgian Alphabet

UPDATE Nov 5, 2015: It’s come to my attention that some people have taken this post to be about a serious theory on the origin of the Georgian alphabet. It’s not. It’s about a kooky, nutball theory. Developed by Zurab Kapianidze — philologist, thespian, member of Georgian parliament — the theory deals entirely with the asomtavruli script (the oldest form of the Georgian alphabet), but in a bizarre and borderline insane way. Although I shouldn’t have to say this, I don’t endorse this idea at all.

If you want to see what I actually think about the origin of the Georgian alphabet, check out this post. That said, if you want a fun-but-crazy theory about where the Georgian alphabet came from, read on.

georgian alphabet asomtavruli

The modern mkhedruli script superimposed over their corresponding asomtavruli letters.

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