One of the perks of my English-teaching job is that around Christmas I get plane tickets to anywhere I want. So I decided to go Thailand with some of my friends. I’ll be there for about the next two weeks. I will also be in Cambodia for two days to see the Angkor Wat. Maybe I’ll have a post about all of it later. Or maybe not.



2 thoughts on “thailandsomethingyouknowwhatever

  1. So you were/are a teacher sent to Georgia to teach English. Why did you volunteer to go there in the first place, instead of other countries? You do have a lot of interesting, in-depth articles here on this blog. So far I finished reading the 2012 posts, and am now reading 2013 articles šŸ™‚

    • I had just finished school, I wanted to travel, and I was able to get a job in Georgia on very short notice! I guess I could have looked at other countries, but I already had an interest in Soviet history, and I also wanted to see that land that (more or less) produced The Color of Pomegranates.

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