The Family Dogs

I’m working on more interesting posts, but for now you’ll have to content yourselves with a report on my host family’s dogs.

First there is Bubu. She is a yellow, generic-looking dog. She is quite aggressive towards the other dogs when food is on the line, and she recently gave birth.

These puppies were around for a few days, and then they were gone. I have no idea where they are.

Bubu was the source of my first pun in Georgian. In the days leading up the birth of the puppies, Bubu had enormous nipples, as pregnant dogs do. One day I was browsing my Georgian-English dictionary and discovered by chance that the Georgian word for “bosom” is “dzudzu” (with “dzu” meaning “female”). Naturally, I referred to Bubu one night as “Dzudzu” The dinner party I was at found this amusing, but then again the dinner party consisted exclusively of drunk men. It’s worth noting that this joke is somewhat uncommon in that it permits a nearly exact translation directly into English – the name “Boo-boo” would become “Boob-boob.”

Next, there is a large hound of some sort. As far as I know, he does not have a name. Like many dogs in the village, he is used for hunting.

There are at least four other dogs in the village which look exactly like this one. I know this because I have seen them all together at once.

Finally, there is a puppy named Rambo. At first I thought that his name was Rainbow because of the way my host sister pronounced “Rambo,” but she clarified this by saying that Rambo is a boxer. I, in turn, explained to her, in broken Georgian, that although the guy who played Rambo did also play a boxer in another movie, Rambo was a gunner and not a boxer.

This little scamp was playing around while somebody was butchering a rabbit, which is why his face is covered in dried blood.


2 thoughts on “The Family Dogs

  1. I asked my host sister, while playing with a puppy at my aunts house, if they buy dogs in Georgia. She said usually puppies are a gift from friends or family, especially in the case of a recent death in the family… I’m assuming the puppies went to other villagers who wanted a or lost a relative

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