Photo Round-up

I’m too lazy to write a real post including these pictures, but I’m putting them up anyway.

A nursery school (I’m pretty sure) in Tbilisi. “Ai ia” means “Here is a violet.” The phrase seems to be a symbol of early education here, since it is one of the earliest things children learn how to write.

A typical neighboorhood market in Tbilis. Using my knowledge of Cyrillic, I was able to deduce that this store sells “products.”

An old-timey fence in Tbilisi. Or maybe a modern throwback?

Bobby Hill visits the Bodbe Monastery.

This room, an open space outside of my house, smells like corn. I’m not kidding.



8 thoughts on “Photo Round-up

  1. really interesting photos. Why is there a corn room? Also based on my lose knowledge of the cyrillic alphabet, I have no clue what alphabet the first part of those words are in although the second part says product. That is one good looking scruffy american.

    • Well thanks. Actually the beard seems to make people think that I’m Georgian. The corn room is really just an open space that’s currently being used to store corn. I assume the corn is used for animal feed or something like that, since I haven’t seen any humans eating corn here.

  2. You may have learned this by now, but the sign is actually for “produce” – as in, fruits and vegetables from the farm.

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