Quick Update

Since getting to Tbilisi a week ago, I have been staying in a hotel. In the days following my arrival, about sixty other English teachers arrived, and they are also staying here. For the past few days we have been undergoing training in the Georgian language, teaching methods, and Georgian customs. It feels like being at summer camp so far.

I have walked around quite a bit of Tbilisi, both by myself and with others. If I can think of anything interesting to post, I will do so. For now I will settle for two observations: 1) there are no traffic laws here, and 2) the people are much less white than I expected.

We leave for our towns and villages on Sunday. I found out that I will be placed in Norio, a tiny village about 20 miles northeast of Tbilisi. The mother of my host family is said to be the principal of the local school. The only available toilet is an outdoor squatter. I will certainly have something to say about this.


4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. trust me the squatter is nothing to be excited about although its good that it is outside. That way you dont have to worry about people walking in as you are standing up and half of your body is above the stall and then suddenly you disappear.

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